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Dec 1, 2012

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As random as a blog post can get, I have decided to give ya a glimpse of my little office space. It;s not much, nothing special, but it is functional for my college lifestyle. This might be one of the most boring blog posts everrrrr, but thats okay :

Some exciting new things are being created :)

Nine times out of ten, if you look at my desk, there is some form of a Starbucks beverage sitting on it..

When I am editing, I often feel as though someone is watching me…..and then I see these eyes :)


Here is my little space! Not quite finished….but it’s a work in progress LOL! :)


Just a small portion of magazines, look books, and wedding gawker’s reading material!



I recieved this mug in a gift exchange at the

2012 Pursuit 31 Conference from a new friend. I love it because
1) its TEAL
2) its a reminder of P31
3) its really REALLY pretty!!!!


this is really silly, but I have my absolute FAVORITE lip balm on my desk.

I mean, seriously, is it not just the cutest thing ever?!



annnnnnnnnd some packaging in the works!! Stay tuned for the packaging blog post!!

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