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Jul 13, 2012

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Glancing through Pursuit31, I came across a post saying that someone’s friend was shooting a wedding in the San Jose area and was offering a second shooting position. I immediately emailed the photographer and prayed that I would get a response…and later that day I DID!! Jamie sent me all the details and I scribbled it into my teal planner. I spent the next few days swooning over her website and blog! Her work is UH-MAZING!! And did I mention that she is based out of Portland, Oregon?! And she is coming to California to shoot a wedding?! Talk about intimidating!! The closer it got to that Saturday morning, the more nervous I got…I have only shot one wedding; ONE wedding. What if I am terrible? What if she doesn’t like me? What if I screw something up really, really bad?…

On the morning of the wedding, I arrived to the salon in Fremont, Ca. Palms sweaty and gut turning, I took a few deep breaths, whispered a prayer, and walked through the door where I met the bridal party and the photographer, Mrs. Jamie Jones! After introductions, Jamie and I sat down and reviewed the day’s schedule. She was so sweet and fun in those first few minutes of chatting with her that I knew it was going to be a fun and rewarding day.

I had such an awesome time learning from Jamie throughout the day. Being able to watch how she interacts with her clients, her techniques in posing, and her incredible style shine through the couples special moments on their wedding day is a TRUE INSPIRATION!! (check out her blog post from Joel + Anna’s Wedding!!)

Thank you Jamie for allowing me to follow you around, ask you numerous questions, put up with my driving skills, and for laughing with me (or at me lol) when my dress came undone. Yes folks, ya read it right….my zipper busted open at dinner….EPIC FAIL.

Enjoy some images from my day with Jamie; one that I will remember as one of the most fun, rewarding, and embarrassing learning experiences yet! And here’s to many more of them!! :)


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