start each morning slow, sipping coffee and breathing in thankfulness. Within moments of waking up, I get a text. Our ritual, our romance. I’m smiling before I read it. He just gets my heart like that. John. My source of laughter, my boyfriend romancer, and my best friend.

John and I spend more time laughing than not. He teases that my gluten free avocado toast is too hipster, I tease him for his lack of appreciation for fine cuisine. We laugh hard and play hard. He supports me, inspires me and challenges me to see the world different as often as possible, and I love that my world is surrounded by people who do the same.

My heart lives for coffee shops and long conversations. My obsession for coffee and all things baking run deep in my soul. (My cranberry orange scones and blueberry muffins could win some awards I am sure of it.) I am convinced there isn’t anything one of my Granny’s donuts can’t cure. My grandparents live a legacy of love being married for over 67 years, and to this day I believe in forever love because I’ve watched them live it.

I find home in people. Like a good book snuggled on an inviting couch, I love people who are warm and genuine and good for the soul. Maybe it’s because I’ve met too many people who told me I wouldn’t reach my dreams and that I will fail. Each day I wake up and get to prove them wrong while inspiring those who need to be told “Your dreams are worth fighting for.”

My joy and passion come from giving to people. I love those quiet moments with friends or loud ones when you are surrounded by the people you love most. I love wandering in the wilderness and soaking up the peacefulness of the mountains, just as much as getting lost in a great book. I love that imagination and love can take you to far off places and the sweetest friends can be your companion along the way. 

I was born and raised in Northern California and after meeting my boyfriend John, I moved out to the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area. Since then, I've traveled all around the country documenting love stories for couples and families. 

My love for photography has brought me everywhere from the beaches of Hawaii to the mountains in Wyoming. But regardless of where I travel, the the beauty of the California will always be my home. 

As a creative, I find BEAUTY in the details. 

Married in 1950, they have been husband and wife for sixty seven years. SIXTY SEVEN. At the ages of nineteen and seventeen these two hearts promised forever. They are holding a picture of day one in year sixty six. This is where it all began. Back when I was a little, little girl, my sister and I would stay with my Granny & Poppa during school breaks. It was such a treat and something that we looked forward to before every visit. Brittany and I would stay in the guest bedroom that is at the end of a long, skinny, L-shaped hallway. The painted paneling walls are adorned with family portraits, photos of various seasons of life. Our family history. Where it all began.

I can remember, on many occasions, the four of us squished in that narrow hallway admiring these framed memories. The happiness and joy that these portraits bring spark the remembrance of a joke, funny story, and a much simpler time.

My grandparents live a legacy of love being married for over 67 years, and to this day, I believe in forever love because I’ve watched them live it.

this is my granny & poppa

the reason why i do what i do

As a granddaughter, listening to my Granny & Poppa tell stories, watching these memories come to life in their eyes. This is why I do what I do. This is why I am a photographer. To document these sweet moments that allow these cherished memories to turn into stories told. Even if you have heard them a thousand times.

My goal as a wedding photographer is to document these moments, the moments where you two are yourselves. soaking in this exciting season of life. Knowing that one day, your granddaughter will ask about this portrait from your wedding day, your eyes will fill with joy as you begin to tell the story.

The story of where your love began.

Artistic and poignant photography made Catie the natural choice for our wedding photos. 

For our wedding, she has readily worked within the restrictions placed by our wedding venue with professionalism and aplomb. As I look back over the years at our wedding photos, I know I will marvel at the beauty of the moment captured in Catie’s photography and be thankful she was our wedding photographer. 

ramzi & michele SEIKALY






My hilarious & kind boyfriend, John.


My sweet boys, Melvin & Sheldon.


Starting each day with a good cup of coffee.


Fresh flowers, always.


The outdoors and all the adventure.


I know you love the subtleties; those brief touches or quick glances across the room from him. Maybe that’s how your story began, yours and his, in those moments that will weave their way through every second of your wedding day.

On that day, everything will change. You’ll walk towards him gracefully, gently touching his elbow and he’ll pull you in like he always does. That pause, that beautiful moment just before he embraces you, tells a story. The look on your face holds your history together. In that moment, history is happening, and I don’t want you to forget it.

As he pulls you in to kiss your cheek, another miracle is happening. The imperfections of two people fade away and all that is left is the purity of love.

On that day, you will stand before your dearest friends and promise to choose each other, forever. There will be a million divine moments of laughter that day, brief moments that will fade away as quickly as they came. As you are living them, I will keep them, tucked away behind a lens that is looking at your story through legacy.

You were meant to be with him, and history will be marked by those moments. I want to hold each one for you because one day, you’ll walk down the halls of the home you raised your children in. You’ll pass the hallway decorated with your story, with the subtle moments of that day that changed everything.

Each image is an invitation to relive the feelings of being his bride and you’ll take it. You’ll feel the way you did, and you’ll be able to tell your grandchildren your story of being his wife that began on that day. They will have watched you live your love story their entire lives and they’ll beg you to tell them the story again. And you will because you can still remember the feeling of touching his elbow, and the feeling of him pulling you in close, and the pause just before he whispered,

“I completely and utterly adore you.”

behind the photos

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