romantically artistic, and that of Martha's weddings and Vogue caliber. She has a way with capturing candid moments well and knows how to seek the best lighting (handy device on hand)! In addition, she so patiently worked with us with our ever-changing and disappointing wedding plan changes due to the pandemic. Catie was so gracious throughout the process and it was a great relief to have a vendor we could count on to be there when our special day finally came! The day of our wedding, Catie guided us thorough glamourous poses, captured our vision and our special candid moments, and paid attention to the finer details i.e. making sure my hair was in place, veil etc. She was so naturally positive and joyful for us that day, it really made us feel special. I cannot recommend her enough! We received the highest compliments from many of our friends who said our wedding photos looked that of magazine work. Her work speaks for itself and on top of that, she is truly kind professional, highly organized, and an expert in her craft. As Ansel Adams once said, “A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed.” Catie captured just that for us.

charissa & joshua

I spent a lot of time searching for fine art photographers and was immediately taken by Catie's work online. Her style is so classically beautiful,



Catie was such an accommodating person and was integral to planning the perfect proposal. Not only did she help in the creative and planning process for the big moment, she was communicative every step of the way. We simply could not have asked for a better photographer. Even as someone who isn't keen on getting their picture taken, she made me feel comfortable and embraced our idiosyncrasies--it shows in her work. After the proposal, she took us around the area to get some additional shots that was a little out of the initial plan, which we loved. This just goes to show that Catie is truly an involved photographer, who interacts with her subjects and makes them feel like it's about them, even for a short while. Even as tourists to the Bay Area, she made us feel like we were at home. The trip and the photos will be a part of our story forever, and the memories of that day can definitely be attributed to Catie's kindness, creativity, and originality.

jessica & kyle HENRY

We can't recommend Catie enough. She made my fiancée and I feel like family during our session. 

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Catie at Catherine Leanne Photography photographed my parents’ anniversary party a couple of years ago and did a superb job of catching the moment, but also capturing the personalities of the family members featured in the photos. Without her expert guidance, the moment would have been a hodgepodge of photos from different family members. For our wedding, Catie guided us through the process of deciding wedding logistics, such as where to have our flowers delivered so they would be available for photos. She has readily worked within the restrictions placed by our wedding venue with professionalism and aplomb. My groom and I were thrilled to receive a gift package from Catherine Leanne Photography with keepsakes and sweet treats to share. As I look back over the years at our wedding photos, I know I will marvel at the beauty of the moment captured in Catie’s photography and be thankful she agreed to be our wedding photographer. Thanks to Catie for beautifully capturing the most important day of my life in photos. I would definitely recommend Catherine Leanne Photography for your wedding or other special event.

michele & ramzi SEIKALY

Artistic and poignant photography made Catherine Leanne Photography the natural choice for our wedding photos.

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Even before we were engaged, Catie was always rooting for our relationship, chomping at the bit to be able to shoot for us when the big day arrived! So when it came time to choose a wedding photographer, we literally didn't even look at other options. Catie was so gracious to work with us and our wedding budget to ensure we received exactly the package we could afford, without cutting any quality. She was the best at making sure my husband (then fiancé) and I were comfortable for our first photo shoot. It made working with her on wedding day feel so natural. Her talent speaks for itself when you see her work, but her personality is the cherry on top. She is the sweetest, most genuine human being, and so professional. She also has a knack for capturing the most precious, special moments without ever being detected, she is so discreet!! We LOVED having Catie as our photographer and will cherish her photos for the rest of our lives!! Any couple, or family would be lucky to have Catie capture their most special moments!

juliana & jason DIERS

I don't even know where to begin with Catie. She is such a DREAM to work with!

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Not only is she the sweetest human being ever, but she is also SO talented. Our pictures turned out more beautiful than I could have imagined. She is always so professional and kind. On your wedding day, your photographer is basically by your side all day, and Catie was such an absolute joy to be around! All of our guests love her too. We still hear from them that our photographer was amazing and sweet and we couldn't agree more! All in all, we LOVE Catie and truly consider her our friend. We would recommend her to absolutely anyone and everyone. Picking Catie to be your photographer will be the best wedding planning decision that you make, I promise!

jennifer & carl EVANS

How do I even begin to express my appreciation for Catie?! There is absolutely no other photographer that we would have chosen to photograph our wedding.

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Catie was there from beginning to end on our special day and was incredibly conscious of making sure she captured all of the special moments without being intrusive. A couple stand-out moments for me: After we were married we were taking couple portraits together. My husband and I are not people who get photos taken a lot, and I think Catie worked us through that perfectly. She said to Andrew, "Tell Michaela what you were thinking when you first saw her." He whispered in my ear and now when I look at the photo Catie snapped I can remember that moment perfectly. Second, we walked into our reception and we opted for a sweetheart table. When we sat down we were greeted with a photo Catie had taken less than an hour ago, in a beautiful silver frame. There is a personal connection Catie has to this memento from her own family and it is something I will cherish forever. I cannot recommend her enough and I am sure from your first meeting you will understand all of the positive reviews.

michaela & andrew HERBERT

Catie is a complete joy! I think aside from her talent, her contagious smile is what makes her clients so comfortable and makes the photos turn out beautifully.

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What most impressed me about Catie was that before agreeing to shoot our wedding she wanted to know about us as a couple - what our love story's past, present, and future is. She really cares about her couples and so takes the time to determine if she would be a good fit for them, but also if they are a good fit for her - and so begins the bond between Catie and her couples. We immediately hit it off with Catie and have since bonded to the point that we consider her a friend. What could be awkward is simply comfortable, and being such, allows Catie to do what she does best in capturing magical moments. Catie is very quick to respond when needed, and though she is busy (a good sign with photographers) she is very attentive and patient. We are so happy that we lucked into Catie being our photographer, and could not be happier that she will be with us on out special day!

kimberly & james GRAHAM

She is an incredibly kind person as well as an extremely talented photographer and we would highly recommend Catie.

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