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A Snowy Truckee Engagement Session with Maxime & Madeline



In the heart of Truckee’s picturesque landscape, Maxime and Madeline’s love story unfolded like a fairytale, set against the backdrop of nature’s grandeur. Their snowy Truckee engagement session, a symphony of emotion and artistry, was beautifully captured by the talented Catherine Leanne Photography.

Truckee’s natural splendor provided an idyllic canvas for the couple’s engagement photographs. Strings of sunlight filtered through the tree canopies, creating a dance of light and shadow that played upon their smiling faces. Each image, a frame of adoration, highlighted the ease and connection between Maxime and Madeline — a testament to the depth of their partnership.

Elegance was woven into the day with the expert touch of Elise with Makeup and Kisses. Her mastery with the makeup brush accentuated Madeline’s features with a soft, romantic glow, while Maxime’s natural charm was highlighted with a polished, refined look. Elise’s skill ensured that the couple’s natural beauty was at the forefront, securing visual harmony in each photograph.

Catherine Leanne Photography masterfully chronicled the essence of the couple’s relationship. Her ability to capture unguarded moments of intimacy, laughter that echoed through the woods, and shared serenity delivered a collection of images that resonate with authenticity.

Each photograph serves as a gateway to the couple’s soulful narrative, inviting viewers to experience snippets of their love story. Catherine’s dedication to her craft is evident in how she encapsulates the profound emotions of this significant milestone.

As we revel in the visual poetry of their engagement, anticipation builds for Maxime and Madeline’s forthcoming wedding. They will exchange vows in a private estate in Lodi, California, with the adept guidance, planning, and design of Madix & Co. The celebration promises to embody the enchantment of the engagement—intimate, serene, and filled with the undeniable presence of love.

Their Truckee engagement session was merely the prologue to a richer, fuller love story yet to be told. Those silent forests of Truckee will soon give way to the lush vineyards of Lodi, where the couple will step into the next chapter of their lives together.

Congratulations to Maxime and Madeline as they journey from the whispers of the woods to the hush of the aisle, with the artistry of Catherine Leanne and Makeup and Kisses in tow. Their wedding will not only ring with the echoes of their vows but also resonate with the beauty of a bond captured so eloquently in their engagement session.

Photography | Catherine Leanne Photography
Beauty | Makeup and Kisses
Planner | Madix & Co.



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