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Chicago Family Portraits with the Ybarra Family at Oz Park



Chicago Family Photographer Catherine Leanne Photography

There’s something magical about capturing a family’s story through the lens of a camera, and it becomes even more special when a beloved pet joins in on the fun. On a bright and vibrant day at Oz Park in the heart of Chicago, the Ybarra family and their adorable dog, Lincoln, came together for a family portrait session that was filled with laughter, love, and lots of tail wags.

The Enchanting Backdrop of Oz Park

Oz Park is a gem nestled within the cityscape of Chicago. With its lush greenery and whimsical statues paying homage to the characters of “The Wizard of Oz,” the park set a perfect stage for the family photo session. The Ybarras couldn’t have chosen a more enchanting location, where the urban setting meets the tranquility of nature.

Capturing Moments with the Ybarras

As soon as the Ybarras arrived, the energy was palpable. Their coordinated outfits complemented the fall colors that were just starting to show, with hints of amber and crimson leaves serving as a natural backdrop. The family of four, along with Lincoln—a spirited Golden Retriever with a coat as shiny as a newly minted penny—were ready to create some beautiful memories.

Lincoln: A Photogenic Pooch

Lincoln was not just any dog; he was the star of the show! His obedience and playfulness made him a natural in front of the camera. Bring out a squeaky toy, and his ears perked up, creating the perfect candid shot. A toss of his favorite ball, and his joyous leaps captured the essence of the family’s fun-loving spirit.

The Magic in the Mundane

Among the poses and planned shots, the real magic happened in the mundane moments: the laughter shared after a funny face made by the youngest Ybarra, the group hug that ended with Lincoln jumping in, and the serene moments of the family just walking and talking through the park’s winding paths. Those candid snapshots represented the genuine warmth and connection shared by the family.

An Assemblage of Memories

As the session came to a close, with the sun delicately dipping below the horizon, it was evident that the Ybarra family now had an assemblage of moments frozen in time. From the playful poses by the Tin Man statue to the intimate moments of the family huddled together on a park bench, every photo told a story.

Creating a Timeless Keepsake

The Ybarra’s family portrait session at Oz Park with their dog Lincoln was more than just a day in the park—it was the creation of a timeless keepsake that they would cherish forever. Their laughter and love were as abundant as the golden leaves around them, and the addition of their four-legged family member made it all the more special.

As their story was captured through photographs that day, one thing was clear: the bond they shared was as beautiful and unique as the fantastical world of Oz itself.



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