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My Must Have Favorite Apps



These are a few of my very favorite apps that I use everyday, if not once a month. They all help to streamline my business and make life so much easier! Each app is listed with a unique link to get your own for a discounted rate! Can I get a “HECK YEAH!” ?! Post any questions you may have in the comments :)

Planoly App

1. Planoly
BEST APP EVER!! I use Planoly to plan out my Instagram posts – not only is it an essential planning tool, but it offers scheduling and auto posting! SAY WHAT?! YEP!! Such a cool feature!

Canva App

2. Canva
Are you a newsletter subscriber? Then you have seen first hand what I use the Canva app for :) I use it to design my newsletters, promotional material, and brand my highlights for Instagram stories!

When To Post App

3. When To Post
This app is so awesome! It shows you the three best times to post on Instagram.

MileIQ App

4. MileIQ
OK…….all you mileage trackers out there, this will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. PROMISE! The MileIQ app automatically tracks your mileage when you’re driving, after the trip you have the ability to categorize the trip as personal or business. If that isn’t cool enough, MileIQ creates monthly and yearly reports giving you one less thing to worry about come tax time. BOOM!!!! This link will give you 20% off your annual subscription!

17hats App

5. 17hats
Client management is key – having the ability to put contracts, invoices, questionnaires, and much more on auto pilot is just THE BEST!!!! Get 10% off with the link above :) Not only is it awesome, but there is an app for your phone when you’re on the go!!!

Quickbooks App

6. Quickbooks
ESSENTIAL ACCOUNTING TOOL!!! Follow the link above to receive 50% off for 3 months for this app AND a $50 visa card!

Dark Sky App

7. Dark Sky
Have you ever wanted to know exactly, or almost exactly when it was going to rain? There’s an app for that!!! LOL! On wedding day when we are fighting storms, this app lets me know when there are a few minutes between showers so that we can get in some romantic portraits!

Lumos App

8. Lumos
Lumos is a tool similar to Dark Sky. This app will let me know where the sun will be in a specific location in real time! One of the coolest interactive apps ever!! It uses your phone camera to show you the path of the sun and also creates a mock up of shadow lengths. NEAT!!!

Instaproofs App

9. Instaproofs
I’m just going to speak candidly……Instaproofs is the TITS! Game changer for client galleries!!! Go take a tour for yourself and jump on the Instaproofs train!

Dropbox App

10. Dropboxget 500mb bonus space free!
This app is for all of you who are into backing up files, photos, sharing files and or photos. Dropbox is an integral part of my workflow. It serves as a back up of my backups. Easy to use, easy to send and share with friends or colleagues. And best of all, they have an app for your phone!!!

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A lot of moving pieces go into planning a wedding day timeline and I know it can be overwhelming! Grab my free guide to plan the perfect timeline for your day.