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Andrew and Annie’s Elegant Black Tie Family Farm Wedding in Woodside



Nestled in the heart of Woodside, The Family Farm provided the perfect backdrop for Andrew and Annie’s sophisticated black tie wedding. From the idyllic setting to the luxurious touches, their special day was a celebration of love that combined rustic charm with high-end elegance.

The Venue

The forest and the serene landscape of the Family Farm in Woodside set a tranquil and romantic scene for the wedding. The open skies and natural beauty of the place brought a sense of peace and intimacy to the festivities. As guests arrived, they were greeted by the stunning scenes that The Family Farm had to offer, setting a picturesque stage for the ceremony and reception that were to follow.

The Ceremony

Underneath a beautifully crafted chuppah from Under The Chuppah, Andrew and Annie exchanged their vows. The blend of traditional elements with the couple’s personal style made the ceremony both meaningful and unique. The chuppah was adorned with exquisite flowers, provided by Thierry Chantrel, set against the farm’s natural splendor, creating a breathtaking symbol of the new life they were starting together.

The Attire

Annie’s gown, a stunning creation from Lela Rose at the Jin Wang boutique, was nothing short of spectacular. Its elegance was matched by Andrew’s sharp Tom Ford tuxedo, together setting the black tie tone of the wedding. The bridal party complemented the couple beautifully, with attire that straddled the fine line between farm-style grace and metropolitan chic.

The Reception

As the sun began to dip below the horizon, guests were welcomed into a lavishly decorated reception that echoed the day’s themes of understated grace. Tables were meticulously set, and the glow of candlelight cast a soft, inviting light across the space. Hip Service, the band for the evening, filled the air with energy and music, inviting everyone to dance the night away in celebration of the newlyweds.

The Details

No aspect of the wedding was overlooked, thanks to the expert planning executed by Riley Loves Lulu. The result was a seamless experience that allowed the couple and their guests to immerse themselves fully in the joy of the occasion. Limitless personal touches, such as the custom stationery from Paper Caper and the exceptional rings from Joel’s Fine Jewelry, added layers of intimacy and detail to the day.

Annie’s flawless makeup and hairstyle were the work of Painted Ladies, ensuring she looked picture-perfect throughout the celebrations.

Andrew and Annie’s wedding was a beautiful symphony of love, family, and tradition nestled in the bucolic beauty of the Woodside farm. The black tie event honored the couple’s wishes for a day that was as elegant as it was personal, leaving every guest with memories of a celebration that was nothing short of magical.

From the first rays of sunlight to the last dance, Andrew and Annie’s wedding was a breathtaking example of how the simplest settings can create the most extraordinary moments when two people come together to celebrate their commitment to each other.

Congratulations to Andrew and Annie on their wonderful beginning, and may this charming Family Farm in Woodside continue to be a place of joy and love for years to come.

Planning | Riley Loves Lulu
Photography | Catherine Leanne Photography
Florist | Thierry Chantrel
Chuppah | Under The Chuppah
Beauty | Painted Ladies
Band | Hip Service
Dress Boutique | Jin Wang
Dress Designer | Lela Rose
Groom’s Attire | Tom Ford
Stationery | Paper Caper
Rings | Joel’s Fine Jewelry



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