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A Classic Carmel Mission Basilica Wedding with Chase & Raleigh



When it comes to iconic California weddings, nothing says timeless elegance quite like a ceremony at Carmel Mission Basilica followed by a reception at the prestigious Inn at Spanish Bay. This was the setting for Chase and Raleigh’s exquisite celebration, superbly planned and executed by Joni from Kindred Events Co. The union of tradition and natural beauty on this special day was nothing short of breath-taking.

The Ceremony: A Sacred Start at Carmel Mission Basilica

Steeped in history and architectural magnificence, the Carmel Mission Basilica stands as a testament to California’s rich historical tapestry. Chase and Raleigh chose this landmark as the stage for the start of their life together. Under its venerable tiled roof and between its aged adobe walls, they exchanged their vows in a serene and solemn atmosphere that captivated every guest. The mission’s lush gardens and its rustic charm provided a divine backdrop for Catherine Leanne Photography to capture the start of the couple’s journey in matrimony.

The Reception at Pebble Beach’s Inn at Spanish Bay

As the golden California sun began to settle into the horizon, guests were ushered to the Inn at Spanish Bay, renowned for its breathtaking views of the Pacific coastline and its world-class services. As they entered the reception area, they were welcomed by the sumptuous floral arrangements by Fleurish Florals that adorned every corner, echoing the grandeur of the setting sun on the ocean’s surface.

The reception was the quintessential Pebble Beach experience with sophistication and a dash of coastal charm. DNA Entertainment provided the soundtrack for the evening, creating an ambiance that was both energetic and refined. Every moment was a romantic ode to the couple’s refined taste and the majestic coastal setting.

Joni and her team at Kindred Events Co. flawlessly coordinated the seamless transition from the serene ambiance of the Basilica to the lively yet elegant atmosphere of the reception. The attention to detail in the coordination spoke volumes about the careful planning and dedication of Joni’s expertise.

Exquisite Tastes for an Exquisite Couple

From the masterfully crafted cuisine to the personalized cocktails, the Inn at Spanish Bay’s culinary display was a gastronomic delight that complemented the day’s splendor. Guests were treated to flavors that married local ingredients with gourmet flair, ensuring that the culinary experience was as memorable as the day itself.

Bridal Beauty and Attire

Raleigh, looking every bit the radiant bride, donned a breathtaking Monique Lhuillier gown from Warren Barrón Bridal – a dress that seemed to have been crafted from the essence of dreams. Her beauty look was perfected by the talented team at MUAH Makeup & Hair, complementing the natural grace and beauty that she radiated.

Standing by her side, Chase was the epitome of timeless grace in his refined groom’s attire, completing the image of a couple that was the perfect blend of classic and contemporary.

Documenting Every Moment

Every enchanting moment was artistically documented by Catherine Leanne Photography, whose lens captured the soul and spirit of the day. The essence of Chase and Raleigh’s Carmel Mission Basilica wedding, along with the joy of their reception at the Inn at Spanish Bay, were skillfully preserved in time for generations to treasure.

The day was not just about the grandeur of the settings or the finery of the arrangements but rather about the love and commitment that echoed with each smile, kiss, and dance step. Chase and Raleigh’s classic Carmel wedding and quintessential Pebble Beach reception were a true celebration of love, meticulously crafted and beautifully realized, an event that will inspire romantics for years to come.

The blend of history, nature, elegance, and love created a matrimony that was as unforgettable as it was beautiful. A story written in the sands of Pebble Beach and whispered by the walls of the Carmel Mission Basilica – a story of love that, much like these legendary locales, will stand the test of time.

Planning | Kindred Events Co.
Photography | Catherine Leanne Photography
Cinema | Baby Blue Film
Beauty | MUAH Makeup & Hair
Floral Design | Fleurish Florals
Bridal Boutique | Warren Barrón Bridal
Gown | Monique Lhuillier
DJ | DNA Entertainment
Stationery | Every Little Letter & The Quill



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