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Emerging Wedding Photography Trends of 2024



Wedding photography is an ever-evolving field, constantly infused with new creative ideas and technological advancements. As we settle into 2024, a few key trends have started to emerge, driving the way photographers capture those special moments that couples cherish for a lifetime. Let’s explore the new waves of creativity taking over the wedding photography scene this year.

Authenticity Over Perfection

In 2024, couples are leaning towards a more authentic depiction of their wedding day. Gone are the days of overly posed and perfect shots. Instead, natural expressions, candid moments, and genuine emotions are taking center stage. Photographers are now more like storytellers, capturing the laughter, tears, and spontaneous dances, creating a wedding album that reflects the true spirit of the day.

Drone Photography

Drone photography continues to soar in popularity, offering a unique perspective to wedding albums. This year, we’re seeing drones used not only to capture stunning aerial views of venues and outdoor ceremonies but also for creative group shots and intimate moments. Safety and privacy regulations are tighter, but skilled photographers navigate these with ease, delivering breathtaking images from the skies.

Film Photography Revival

As the world tilts towards the analog, film photography is having a renaissance in the wedding industry. The charm of grainy textures and the anticipation of developing photos are appealing to many. Each shot requires a level of thoughtfulness and skill, resulting in images that feel timeless and evocative.

Eco-Friendly Photography

Sustainability has found its way into wedding photography, with more couples requesting eco-friendly practices. This includes digital galleries over prints, USBs, or DVDs; less travel for destination shoots; and the use of equipment with lower energy consumption. Photographers are also working with vendors who offer eco-conscious photo albums and packaging.

Fashion-Inspired Portraits

Bridal shoots are increasingly taking inspiration from the glossy pages of fashion magazines. Dramatic lighting, unconventional angles, and high-fashion poses are combined to create stunning, editorial-style images. Couples love the idea of looking like models for a day, and these portraits deliver that experience.

Advanced Technology Integration

Lastly, advanced technology is changing the game. The use of mirrorless cameras is becoming standard due to their lighter weight and advanced features. Editing software and applications are more sophisticated, allowing for seamless post-production work. Additionally, AI is starting to play a role in selecting the best shots from thousands of images, ensuring that no magical moment goes unnoticed.

In conclusion, the wedding photography trends of 2024 reflect a blend of the old and new, where authenticity and creativity reign supreme. From drones to dark edits, and sustainable practices to dramatic fashion-inspired portraits, this year is about capturing the uniqueness of each couple’s story. As technology and tastes continue to develop, one thing remains certain: the desire to preserve the magic of wedding days in images that will stand the test of time.



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A lot of moving pieces go into planning a wedding day timeline and I know it can be overwhelming! Grab my free guide to plan the perfect timeline for your day.