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Warm Jewel Tone Fall Inspired Hanford Ranch Winery Wedding with Jared & Lauren



Nestled in the heart of golden vineyards with the autumn air whispering through the leaves, Jared and Lauren tied the knot in a picturesque ceremony at the Hanford Ranch Winery. Their special day was a symphony of warm jewel tones, embracing the essence of fall and love in every detail.

A Palette Inspired by the Season

The couple chose a color scheme that reflected the richness of the season — deep burgundy, emerald green, and hints of gold. These colors were tastefully incorporated throughout the decor, from the elegant floral arrangements to the bridesmaids’ dresses and the groomsmen’s ties.

The Ceremony: A Promise Among the Vines

Amidst the backdrop of rolling vineyards, Jared and Lauren exchanged their vows. The open skies and the sprawling landscapes of Hanford Ranch Winery offered a serene and intimate setting. Guests were seated on rustic wooden chairs that lined the aisle, leading to a beautifully decorated arch where the couple would say “I do.”

Reception Under the Stars

As the day turned into night, the reception came to life under a blanket of stars. Strands of twinkling lights intertwined with the natural foliage, creating a magical atmosphere for an evening of celebration. Laughter and music filled the air as friends and family gathered to honor the newlyweds.

A Transformational Moment

One of the most extraordinary highlights of the reception was when Lauren, the glowing bride, decided to change up her look for the evening festivities. In a bold and delightful twist, the talented artists from Status Salon Beauty Agency cut her hair, gifting her a fresh, chic style. This impromptu second look not only turned heads but symbolized a new beginning for the gorgeous bride as she danced the night away.

Dancing into Their New Life

With new hair and an undiminished smile, Lauren took to the dance floor with her husband, Jared. They moved together in harmony, their love as evident as the joy on their faces. Guests joined in, and the dance floor became a canvas of celebration, illustrating the beauty of the journey that Jared and Lauren were embarking upon.

A Night to Remember

Jared and Lauren’s wedding was not just an event; it was an experience that encapsulated the warmth of the season and the glow of love. The enchanting fall-inspired jewel tones set the theme for a beautiful beginning to their lives together. As the night ended, guests left with memories of a wedding that, much like the couple’s love, was vibrant, beautiful, and unforgettable.

To get a glimpse of the magic, highlights of the day and the remarkable evening transformation can be viewed here:
Hanford Ranch Winery Wedding Video

Congratulations, Jared and Lauren, may the colors of your love continue to shine as vividly as the jewel tones that graced your special day.

Planning & Design | Jennifer Jon Events
Venue | Hanford Ranch Winery
Photography | Catherine Leanne Photography
Videography | Barrel 9 Media
Floral Design | Huckleberry Blooms
Beauty | Status Beauty Agency
Bridal Bouquet Silk Velvet Ribbon | Amore Society
Bridal Gown | Flares Bridal
DJ | Elite Entertainment
Catering | World Fare Catering
Rentals | Standard Event Rentals
Tap Truck | Sweet Sisters Baking Co.



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