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Charlie and Brittny’s Enchanting Engagement Session at Filoli Gardens



Tucked away in Woodside, California, lies the historic beauty of Filoli Gardens, an idyllic setting for love to blossom and cherished moments to be captured. It’s in this magical location where Charlie and Brittny decided to freeze time and celebrate their engagement surrounded by the lush greenery and floral opulence that only Filoli can provide.

A Haven of Romance

Each photograph taken by the talented Catherine Leanne serves as a testament to the gardens’ ability to complement the couple’s radiant love. The expansive grounds of the estate with its vibrant blooms, reflective pools, and grand architecture offer a diverse canvas brimming with opportunities for intimate moments and grand gestures alike.

Charlie and Brittny’s natural chemistry shines through under the lens, capturing exchanges of adoring gazes, tender embraces, and spontaneous laughter. Each portrait reflects their unique bond as they embark on this new chapter together.

Beauty in Every Detail

As the afternoon sun danced through the foliage, highlighting the garden’s natural allure, April Foster Beauty made certain Brittny looked her very best. Her hair and makeup were styled to perfection, resonating with the garden’s sophisticated and classic ambiance.

The couple drifted from one picturesque setting to another, guided by Catherine Leanne’s creative vision. With every frame, a symphony of color and light played out, creating a story worth retelling for generations.

A Venue Rich in History

Filoli Gardens is a location imbued with history and significance, making it an exceptional choice for this memorable engagement session. As the future bride and groom strolled down the garden paths, their every step seemed to follow in the echo of countless romantic tales that the grounds have witnessed over the years.

The timeless elegance of the gardens provided a breathtaking backdrop for the couple’s love story, allowing each photograph to encapsulate not just a moment, but a feeling—a promise of future joys and shared dreams.

A Grateful Acknowledgment to the Talented Vendors

This engagement session could not have been as successful without the collaboration and expertise of the vendors involved.

Photography was provided by Catherine Leanne Photography, who captured the essence of Charlie and Brittny’s love with each click of the shutter. Beauty for the bride-to-be was flawlessly executed by April Foster Beauty, ensuring that Brittny glowed with an elegance to match the garden’s serene beauty. And of course, the enchanting Filoli Gardens (—a venue that offered more than just stunning gardens, but a sense of peace and a slice of Californian history.

A Celebration of Love

As Charlie and Brittny’s Filoli Gardens engagement session came to a close, the sun set behind the hills, leaving behind a soft glow matching the love and warmth in their hearts. These images, a mere glimpse of their lifelong commitment, stand as an eternal reminder of the love shared and the exciting journey that lies ahead.

May their hearts always find their way back to the beauty and the splendor that the gardens witnessed on this special day—a day where two souls promised to intertwine, surrounded by nature’s grandeur and the masterful eye of those who captured it.

To Charlie and Brittny, may your life together be as beautiful and everlasting as the gardens of Filoli. Congratulations!

Photography | Catherine Leanne Photography
Beauty | April Foster Beauty
Venue | Filoli Gardens



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