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Apr 14, 2015

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So…….there is a garden!! Not much to show yet, but it has been so fun so far :) The most exciting thing to me about this is that the soil is mixed with some compost from the dump — every time that I have been to the dump, I see the Oakland Zoo poo truck………so I think that there is EXOTIC fertilizer in the garden! I can’t wait to see how everything does and to document and EAT everything along the way.

Garden-Patch_0031Garden-Patch_0032Garden-Patch_0033Garden-Patch_0034Garden-Patch_0035Garden-Patch_0036Garden-Patch_0037The Little Garden Patch HQ :)Garden-Patch_0038Garden-Patch_0039Garden-Patch_0040Garden-Patch_0041Garden-Patch_0042oh how I love this furry boy!!Garden-Patch_0043Garden-Patch_0044Garden-Patch_0045Garden-Patch_0046Garden-Patch_0047Garden-Patch_0048Garden-Patch_0049GardenGardendill  +  peppermint  +  lemon thymeGardenGardenGarden-Patch_0054Garden-Patch_0055
iPhone captures :)

My sweet helper dog! #roperthebordercolliegardengardenloved making these! John cut all of the wood pieces and I labeled each one :)gardenGardenGarden

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