Yellowstone National Park

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Aug 1, 2018

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This past August, I traveled with my best friend and her boyfriend to Yellowstone National Park for their engagement session! We were there for what felt like only a few hours, but spent three days, driving there from Colorado, exploring the park, taking some EPIC engagement portraits, and then making our way back to Colorado.

I had been to Yellowstone National Park once before, TWENTY FIVE YEARS AGO!!! So, needless to say, it was like being there for the first time. It was so fun to explore this incredible area. We saw just about everything we could in about twelve hours and man, did we see a lot!! Starting with Old Faithful, geothermal springs and pools, landscapes that would blow your mind, the grand canyon of Yellowstone, Yellowstone Falls, and my very favorite, when we saw all of the bison.

It felt so good to feel so small, taking in all of the enormous cliffs, standing just accross the stream from a herd of bison, soaking in the sight of the 108 foot Yellowstone Falls.

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