Palace of Fine Arts Proposal with Danny & Sophia


Apr 14, 2019

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This Palace of Fine Arts Proposal with Danny & Sophia is one for the books! I love how tender these moments are and even more so love that with a little planning, these moments are immortalized for generations to share. It was a very cool evening in San Francisco and the breeze was rushing across the pond at the Palace of Fine Arts. I was set up near a bench under a willow tree when I saw Danny and Sophia make their way to “the spot” where Danny would pop THE question.

It is always so fun for me to photograph proposals – a little nerve-wracking, but thrilling! I get really excited to see the couple’s reactions and gosh darn it, I get to save these moments for them! How cool is that?! Danny & Sophia’s Palace of Fine Arts proposal is one that I will always remember. Sophia’s reaction is absolutely priceless and the way that these two tender souls interact will melt your heart.

After Danny proposed and Sophia said YES, we started to adventure around the pond for some just engaged portraits. I am so happy to have connected with Danny & Sophia and even more excited to share some of my favorite moments of our time together!

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